Kodi doesnt resolve stream urls

Some time ago I’ve switched to different OS because of Gnome performance degradation. Now, everything is ok beside of Kodi.
I’m trying to watch some tv series but kodi just jumps over each provider until it reach end of list with info about no sources available.
Steps I did:

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Open streaming addon
  3. choose tv series
  4. choose one that i want to watch
  5. Kodi is looking for providers and available video quality (and it finds a lot)
  6. I’m selecting first from the list
  7. Kodi jumps over all from the list and ends with no sources available.

So, the problem exist on Tumbleweed and Leap 15.1 but on Leap Kodi is kind of broken. I can’t download any addons, like there is no internet connection. I have to install addons from drive. On both, my addons can look for providers, movies, tv series but cant play it like there is no internet connection. I have all codecs installed. When I check kodi status in settings it says there is internet connection.
I’ve tried Kodi on Solus and Elementary OS fresh install to check if it’s addon related but it work as should on those OSes.
For me it look like firewall or apparmor bug maybe?
(Sorry for my bad English.)

If you believe you have a high quality, reliable Internet connection,
Then perhaps try another DNS provider… like Google’s


Bandwidth is not a problem because on the same machine, same internet connection but different os it is working (Solus, Elementary) or not (OpenSuse)

The same versions of Kodi on the different distributions? This is the openSUSE version or the third party provider packman?

I never knew that there is other version of Kodi. I always used packman version. How can I get other version because in software management i can see only packman one? On Tumbleweed and Solus is the same version, I believe, I cant check now. Elementary has older version.

I see a few home users have it built… so what about the versions, same on all distributions you checked?

Since it’s a packman package, then suggest have a look at the mailing list and post your issue there as well.


I thought that packman version is most reliable. I’ll try other versions maybe. I remember that when Leap 15.1 was released I had same trouble with Kodi.