Kodi 17-5.1.3 Packman can't play addons anymore


I am using kodi for a while on my tumble machine.
I have installed some dutch free television addons (Nederland24, uitzending gemist, all in the standard repo of Kodi). All worked well untill a week ago.
Kodi starts normal and I can play my video files. When I start the addon it fires up and I can see a circle in the middle stating 100 but the following frames won’t come.
On the lower part of the screen there’s a bar which moves.

I can stop the addon normally. It is not that kodi stalls or something like that.

Installed 2 other addons from the repo: Canvas and SVTPlay. Both installed well but act the same as the dutch addons mentioned above.

I also have a machine with Manjaro running the same Kodi version and addons. That works as should, so it looks like there is something in Kodi/Tumbleweed?

Anybody ideas?

Grtz Karel

Edit: add ons installed and tested

are you using firejail? if so, there currently appears a bug which prevents the add-ons from loading, invoking kodi from console works correctly.

Thnx for replying

No I don’t use Firejail.

I have to add that not only the addons but also the video’s have the same problem, So there is probably a similar situation as noted in this thread:


Still nobody has a clue?


That’s ffmpeg bug. https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/528072-Ffmpeg-3-4-breaks-video-in-Kodi

Ah! That explains!

Thanks a lot dooshpastesh!

Kodi is alive again after latest updates!