know a good weather plasmoid?

Does anyone happen to know a good weather plasmoid for plasma? I tried 2 so far and none of them do because i need my city god from yahoo weather, which i can not find. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

which 2 have you tried ?
and why couldn’t you find your yahoo city code?
you can also use your zip code
but i just recently use the one from

kde4-plasmoid-weather from suse and plasma-weatherforecast-0.2 from kdelook. They do work, but i can’t find my city code on yahoo weather as i said. Too bad they don’t work like the old liquidweather. Loved that superkaramba. My city is Bucharest just for the record. Maybe i didn’t knew where to look for the code.

here is your city code

Hope this helps

Thanks man, that did it. I can get rid of google gadgets now. Thx.

P.S. Out of curiosity, where did u find the code?

went here Yahoo! Weather
and put your city in there
then when your city’s weather comes up you look at the address bar which will give you this
where you find your code which i highlighted red