KNotify4 consuming 100% CPU


I recently updated to 11.1, or actually reinstalled. I have KDE4 as default Window Manager. I found that knotify4 is consuming a lot of CPU. After logging on, it usually tops to 100%.
Now I have seen a lot of postings on Google that confirms this behaviour. It’s even recognised as a bug. But the only solution until now I’ve seen is to kill the process.

Can anyone tell if there is a solution for the problem and if and when we can expect it updated in te repositoryies?

For now I created a little script to occasionally kill the process:

echo Kill $PROC
PRC_ID=`ps -ef | grep $PROC|grep -v grep|awk '{print $2}'`
if  -z "$PRC_ID" ]; then
  echo $PROC not found;
  echo Process number: $PRC_ID;
  kill -9 $PRC_ID;