knotify segmentation fault

on my PC=sony vaio VPCEH2N1E, RAM=4Gb, GPU=intel 1366×768, CPU=ntel 4 Core i5-2430M @ 2.40GHz, HD=500Gb OS=opensuse “13.2” KDE=4.14.9

very often every applications, when closing, or performing an action, KNotify pops in with an error like,
Executable: knotify4 PID: 1777 Signal: Segmentation fault (11)

tried with this found in tha web:
It has been a pulse audio issue - solved by installing phonon-xine.
See following link:
but I cannot find phonon-xine

any suggestion??
manythanks, ciao, pier

I have the same KNotify error since some updates yesterday (from Packman Essentials, I think). The error message pops up whenever you would normally get a notification sound. I suspect we just have to wait for another update to put matters right, possibly reporting the error in the meantime.

phonon-xine doesn’t exist any more since years.

any suggestion??

If you are using phonon-backend-vlc uninstall it and use phonon-backend-gstreamer instead.

The phonon-backend-vlc in openSUSE 13.2 is built against VLC 2.1 and doesn’t work with the current 2.2.x.

…manythanks, uninstalling phonon-backend-vlc it works verywell now, na also taboooed

:slight_smile: ciao, :slight_smile: pier

Shouldn’t be necessary, phonon-backend-vlc is not installed by default.

…but when I started again yast>install/remove software it was proposed with a green tick, so I tabooed :slight_smile:

Uninstalling phonon-backend-vlc stopped the knotify fault for me and does not seem to have any bad effects (in particular, vlc still works). Yast does not want to reinstall phonon-backend-vlc.

Thanks for the advice.

Yes, VLC itself does not use phonon-backend-vlc at all.

It’s actually the other way round: with phonon-backend-vlc, KDE and most KDE applications (Amarok and dragonplayer in particular) use VLC to playback multimedia files.

The VLC backend lacks features compared to the default phonon-backend-gstreamer though, and has other problems as well (volume related, mostly).

Yast does not want to reinstall phonon-backend-vlc.

As I thought.
No idea what happened in pier_andreit’s case.