Knix hogging the processor

Hi all the clever people!

I am using 11.4

I noticed that when after booting up and then running Amarok or Banshee that eventually the computer slows down so much that whenI type something eg in Fbook that there is a significant delay (seconds) between typing on the kb before it appears on the screen
Also changing between windows/apps takes forever.

I ran TOP to see which processes are running and saw that KNIX takes between 95-98% of the processor ALL THE TIME

Then when I kill it things go back to normal

I dont knwo what to do
Also I dont know what further info you need


if it is kMix and not kNix that’s causing your problem, you could try the solution found here :
Kmix eating up all available CPU time on one core • KDE Community Forums

ie run

killall -9 kmix
rm -rf $(kde4-config --localprefix)/share/apps/kmix/
rm -f $(kde4-config --localprefix)/share/config/kmix*
kmix &

in a terminal



Ja ja ja!

Sorry for not being able to read! Kmix indeed! I looked at it again and saw that the font makes the m look like an N and the fact that Amarok looks like Anarok proved it!

Things seem to be fixed.

Thanks LenWolf!

Will knock again if something comes back!


glad I could help.