i think that’s the pain in the suse neck

do you know where i can keep track about upgrades/fixes for this component?

using wireless connection must disable it to avoid system major crashes…

i’ve the suspect the problem is networkmanager cause those crashes exist in the gnome installation too

any idea, hint… about it?


What´s the pain in the neck for you and which crashes are you laking about? And your statement “using wireless connection must disable it” does not help either.
I´d sureley like to help you, but the information of your post is not sufficient to me…

the pain is knetworkmanager that’s affected by serious problems in several linux “K” distributions (i.e. Kubuntu)

for example, cannot add a wireless connection… it’s added but not selectable

crashes are full system blocked when knetwork manager is running and a wireless connection is autodetected… after restart, configuring the system to use ifup-method everything goes fine… this is not a case… this is always…

using networkmanager system hungs… this problem is present even in another distro installation (ubuntu and that’s why my suspects are about networkmanager itself or the hardware)

knetworkmanager works properly with autodetected ethernet (no system blocks) configured with dhcp

A lot of people, myself included, have major problems with networkmanager, and I know a lot of minority distros will not use it. My solution - disable network manager and install WICD.

eard of it… but actually it’s not a blocking bug (in my situation)… i just would like to keep track about evolutions of this component…

I’ve been trying to use WICD with 11.2, but it keeps asking for the root password at boot. I haven’t been able to track down the cause yet. All of the fixes I’ve found via google won’t work.

Just use ifup instead, it’s tried and true. The KNetworkmanager pkgs are available in the KDE 43 repos and they get updated about twice a week. I recently started using Networkmanager in 11.1 and it’s been working so far.

Are you using KDE 4.3.3?