kNetworkManager WEP WPA Key

KnetworkManager is not asking me for the WPA Shared key when I try and connect to my wlan. The manager from Gnome works fine but I don’t want to use gnome for my day to day desk top.

The Details
When I right click on kNetworkManager under wlan0 I see my essid show up as Dilbert (WPA) with the signal bar next to the name. If I click on it the icon in the tray turns into a gear and I assume it is trying to connect. I never am prompted for a password. I am not able to change my routers wlan security settings.

Is there a way to fix kNetworkManager?
if not can I use gnome’s in KDE?
If not can I script it some how?

Regarding scripting I have tried the following
RONEDMLAP1:/sbin # iwconfig wlan0 essid Dilbert
RONEDMLAP1:/sbin # iwconfig wlan0 key Pittsville
Error for wireless request “Set Encode” (8B2A) :
invalid argument “Pittsville”.

From HELP ME…regd the IWCONFIG for SHARED KEY :frowning: in LINUX -


RONEDMLAP1:/sbin # iwconfig wlan0 essid Dilbert
RONEDMLAP1:/sbin # iwpriv wlan0 set authmode=WPAPSK
wlan0 no private ioctls.

I am new to Linux. I’m new to anything not M$. (My HDD Crashed and I figured I try something else) So detailed instructions (Step by step, if possible) are appreciated beyond words. Explain this like you would explain it to your grandmother :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi and Welcome.
YaST is the right place to set up your ESSID, WEP key and other network paraphernalia. Just fire up YaST > Network Devices > Network Settings and Add a wireless connection, supplying all the required data. Network Manager is not overly bright…:wink:

If I go into Network settings, aren’t I adding a new adapter? I already have the essid set up on my router and my wireless card on my laptop(HP nx9420) is working fine too. If I log out and log into GNOME Desktop everything is great, for wireless, I just want to use KDE. The problem is KNetworkManager isn’t getting past State:Configuration because it can’t authenticate because it never asked for the password.

I did try your advice and set up a new wireless device (wlanDilbert) but I couldn’t find any place to enter in the password or anything else for that matter.

I figured it out. Just happened to click on the right thing.
This is what I did:

Right Click on KnetworkManager in the tray and slect New Connection → wlan0

This opened up a Dialog box called connections in it where all the available Essid I was picking up. I selected mine and Clicked Next (Don’t click save next)
Then Select your security type and enter in your key/password
next again, now you can enter in IP info if you are not DHCP
Next and name your connection and check autoConnect if you like
Now Click Save or Connect and Save.

If you are like me and make mistakes here is how you start over:
Right Click on KnetworkManager in the tray and slect Edit Connections

Edit Connections Dialog box opens
Here you can delete bad or duplicate connections or edit your password.

Now that It works I do like KDE Knetwork Manager better.

One more note:
I’m sure I tried this the other day and it wasn’t working but it was late so I may be mistaken. The other thing I did last night was try and install codecs-kde.ymp. While I was doing this YaST instaled a bunch of fixes. Maybe one of those made it go. I’m sorry I don’t have better information about what was installed.