knetworkmanager question

hi all,
anyone knows where knetworkmanger stores configuration of wireless networks i set it up in it?

i try to explane why i need this, maybe you will better solution to my problem:
at my school i have following specifications to wireless -
Security - WPA Enterprise,
EAP Method - TTLS,
Key Type - Dynamic WEP,
Phase 2Type - PAP,

Well knetworkmanager finds wifi-network, then i go to “next” window where i can configure security - here strange starts.
In drop down menu there is no mentioning of WPA-Enteprise.
So i just go and save connection and then go to “edit connections” menu - then i do get this option.
But, there is no mentioning of Key Type…
So i just go editing further setting EAP Method and Phase 2 Type.
Finishing with “connect and save”.

As you have imagined it doesn’t connect and what even more strange it doesn’t save!!!
I went to edit connection when it didn’t connect and i found no Phase 2 Type settings.

So i was thinking maybe if i know were network config files are i could edit them manually?


sorry for a bump, but really need help here.