Knetworkmanager Problem--- not working for wired networks

Just installed SuSE 11.0 and I configured my network card and then did DSL Setup i.e. username and Pass. After doing this I used to get a Dial Up Connection Link in Knetworkmanager in previous versions of suse
i.e Dial Up connections ---------------> Connect to Dataone(dsl0)

But in SuSE 11.0 I do not get this option
So I have to trigger the connection via cinternet ?
why is this happening?
Any Solution for this. This is the only reason which forces me to think of reinstallation of suse 10.3
Moreover the Knetworkmanager doesnot manage any of my wired networks
By the way i am using KDE3

Do u have a dsl modem or router?

I am using a DLINK ADSL 2+ GLB-502T Router connected to my system via Ethernet Port

Then u dont have to do the DSL setup part and probaly thsi is the problem.There is nothign to dial.The info u need are on stored on your router whcih is connected to the net.Delete any configuration u have done to DSL setup.
Unplugg the cable
Then to network card make sure your network card is configured properly.Delete the network card configuration aand reconfigure it again if needed.
If u dont have static ip assigned form your router configure the netwoek card to take ip from router via DHCP
After that just plug the cable and u should be fine.

Actually i have to dial even in windows otherwise it never registers my system on network. So I used to dial in SuSE 8.1 to SusE 10.3(all versions) and with the same setup as i have described above. But SuSe 11 does not allow me.
and without dialing firefox never loads any page
so i have to dial via cinternet(command line) which is troublesome as i used to have the dial up option in knetworkmanager in previous versions of suse. So what shud i do now ?