knetworkmanager on 11.2 activation question

I have built 11.2 on several laptops
and knetwork manager startup for wireless
is not consistent. I can’t figure it out.

Sometimes the options
“Create Network Connection” and
“enable wireless” are greyed out. Other
times they are fine. What is the secret
to getting the options to appear in my
window tray all the time? I always select
knetwork manager as the default when
I do a clean build.

I think this is posted in the wrong forum. I am moving it to the build section.

You don’t build. You install. The build service is creating packages you can install.

About knetworkmanager: the one that came with 11.2 is not consistent on some systems/NICS. Upgrade your KDE4 to KDE4 4.3.5 and you will get an improved knetworkmanager, that does do a fine job.

(1) Can you include a link for the download please?

(2) Second question, is this the latest version of networkmanager: