Knetworkmanager not working

I have a got a very peciular problem since the last few days. I have installled my openSUSE 11.1 four times in the last four days. All because my “knetworkmanager” all of a sudden stops working and I do not why!

Everything is work but when I reboot by laptop, “knetworkmanager” does not start. The “workoffline” option in firefox in this case should have been “tick marked” but it is not. And I do not know how to get my networkmanager working again.

I try system repair with opensuse dvd but it does not help. I have to reinstall everything again.

What I am doing is - I install opensuse 11.1 KDE 4.1 version. After that I install monodevelop, sqldeveloper, oracle 11g and few other softwares and create a .bashrc file. The contents of .bashrc file are:

test -z “$PROFILEREAD” && . /etc/profile || true

**test -s ~/.alias && . ~/.alias || true
alias lis=‘ls -lAtr’;
alias his=history;
alias list=‘lis | tail -20’;
alias lise=‘ps -Af | grep vivek | grep -v grep’;
alias PWD=pwd;
alias cls=clear;
alias gcw=‘gcc -w’;
export projects=$HOME/Projects;
alias prj=‘cd $projects’;
#Some people don’t like fortune. If you uncomment the following lines,

you will have a fortune each time you log in :wink:

if -x /usr/bin/fortune ] ; then

I am really afraid to do anything on my system now becasue I do not know what wrong am I doing. And I do not know how to get my knetworkmanager working. On the top of it if I cannot connect to web I will not be able to find any solutions either…

Please help…

go YAST → Network → Networksettings → normal mode with ifup → go to the interface and set the settings

Thanks for the replying. You mean “traditional method with ifup” ?. I do not want to do anything wrong becasue I do not know too much

knetworkmanager is sometimes making strange things.
the method with ifup is, that you can use for WLAN/LAN and other configuration.

Do you use LAN or WLAN ?

I use LAN. I assume WLan means a wireless connection. I am using a a broadband connection with wire.

By the way is there a method to know why Knteworkmanager is working in a strange way? So that atleast we can know the reason :slight_smile:

I don’t know one, maybe in a logfile

You have said “go to the interface and set the settings”. I changed the settings to "“traditional method with ifup”. But it only changed the icons for knetwormanager. What interface should I go to now. Sorry if I being annoying but I do not know that much about computers and I am learning things :slight_smile:

next to the global options there are the interfaces, click edit to set the netmask,… in WLAN the router etc…

You mean to add my IP manually? I know my IP but what will be my subnet mask and hostname?

you don’t have to set it manually if you don’t need to.
in knetworkmanager, did you set the IP manually?

If I understand your problem the right way, knetworkmanager is not starting at all… First of all: DO NOT be afraid of Linux or the OpenSuse Distribution. A complete re-install should always be the last option. You should know that destroying a linux system is much harder to do than destroying Windows. And by the way: In this forum you can hardly get “annoying”.

Stop worrying - this is a friendly community that is meant to help you with ALL your problems related to OpenSuse/Linux. Take it that way and feel free to ask us anything. WELCOME!
Now switching back to your problem… please try the following:

Now if everything is set as I told you, close everything and reboot. And I tell you again: Get yourself a cup of coffee (or a good tea) and relax. DON´T be afraid. We´ll stay with you.


no i did not. Oh am I supposed to make changes to “Activate connection” only? The options for it are “at boot time” “on cable connection” “hotplug” manually" “never” and “on nfroot”. So I should set to “manually”?

set on boot time, so let it be on automaticly with DHCP

Thank you, thank you STS301 and thank you Mask. I have made the changes as Mask told. hope everything works fine the next time I reboot. Hopefully I will be able to make it to this community without a complete reinstallation :). I have learned a few things from both of you today.

I rebooted and everything is working fine till now. Let me install my softwares and hope everything keeps working fine.

Hey, you are welcome. Learning is a process of doing - and we are glad you finally solved it. Hold your head up high! lol!


jo, and if you use openSUSE often, you will know how it works :wink:

@vendetta18: Oh and by the way: Pressing the reputation button on the left corner is appreciated in this forum.
Have a good time.


Did that(reputation for both Mask and STS301) I did not knew of this feature before :). I have totally left windows and work only in SUSE. And I do not want to leave this distro :slight_smile: