kNetworkManager is not running.

I’ve encountered a problem, After I got helped at fixing my GRUB booting, I repaired my system and everything looked fine, but after the 1st restart My network manager stopped working. (KDE 4.1) Please help. It indicates … Network Manager is not running. I’ve edited the connections, it has my rooter in there as a connection but I cannot connect to it. Please help

Thanks a lot.

Start - System - Desktop Applet

it should be in there

or just open a terminal and do


Have a read of this thread re autostart.

It’s not what I meant. It does start automatically when I boot, but I cannot connect to a network.

You say:

Network Manager is not running


It does start automatically when I boot


So the applet shows in the sys tray? Yes!

But you can’t configure it?

You could try deleting the hidden config files and starting from scratch.


When I get home( I’m at school right now) I’ll try what you guys suggested, and I’ll post back.

The funniest thing is that, Every time I reinstall (dont it 4 times at least) It works just fine and then, after a couple of reboots and just stops working. I can’t explain it, It’s like, it’s auto configuring, it finds my wireless card, I can just browse through networks and connect, and the next time you reboot your system, its not working ( not running, which really is).