Knetworkmanager in KDE4's panel


How do I arrange for the Knetworkmanager icon to appear by default (each time I boot) in the panel in KDE4 openSUSE 11.1?


Have you tried adding it to autostart via

system settings (advanced) > autostart (add program)

Maybe that will do it.

It appears by default for me with the default install. I had to change the system tray settings to hide it for me.

I hadn’t tried that – and it works
Thank you

I feel like a dolt. I’ve got the exact same system, and the exact same question, and I can’t find Systems Settings or Autostart.

I have a brand-new, freshly installed OpenSuse 11.1 system. My laptop uses the notorious Broadcom-based TrueMobile 1300 wifi card, and so the wireless didn’t work immediately after I’d installed OpenSuse.

While figuring out how to get the wireless working properly, I removed KNetwork Manager in favor of ifup/ifdown. Ultimately I switched back to KNetworkManager, and everything works perfectly now, except that KNetworkManager doesn’t start automatically. Rather, after I log in I must find it in the menu and launch it.

I’d like KNetworkManager to launch automatically when I log in.

The system runs OS11.1, and KDE 4. I cannot find System Settings or Autostart. I’ve entered each of those in the search field on the menu and come up empty. I’ve run Yast, and the closest thing I find there is system services and sysconfig editors, neither of which is appropriate for this.

What obvious thing am I missing?


Is this it?

start menu–>Configure Desktop–>Advanced (tab)–>Autostart

Wow! I’d never even noticed the Advanced tab, and I live for those sorts of things.

Thanks, that was exactly it.

Sorry. I’m a bit of a newbie. What is the path for Knetworkmanager? I keep coming up with something that isn’t executable.

What are you trying to do?

I’m trying to get knetworkmanager to automatically start on boot. I followed the sequence:
start menu–>Configure Desktop–>Advanced (tab)–>Autostart
knetworkmanager isn’t one of the programs in the pop up window. So, I’m attempting to give it a path name. I tried finding the path with a file search, but after 15 minutes of searching, I gave up. Any help would appreciated.

JUst type it in at the top and hit enter, that should work ok?

Try in a terminal: whereis knetworkmanager to get a path

How can one auto-start an application/applet for KDE 3.5 ?