KNetworkManager icon is not in tray


I hope this is the right thread, if not I am sure it gets moved anyway. Also english is not my first language.

I am not sure if it is called tray in Linux too, but the icon for KNetworkManager does not come next to the clock. It comes in a tiny window somewhere on my desktop, and I can switch window on the bottom line too.

I have a emachines laptop , and 11.1 586, not powerpc or 64bit. If you need more information, just ask.

I have had this before, it seems to be a bug in the Plasma desktop and widgets.

I had to start with a new .kde4 folder, rename your existing one to .kde4old, then re-login, it will be like your very first login.

You can rename it from icewm login or from the CLI out of X

mv /home/usernme/.kde4 .kde4old

just replace username* with your username