knetworkmanager: how to set auto connection to static?

I’m using knetworkmanager with kde4. I added a second connection wich has a static ip-adress. This works fine, but with each login, networkmanager selects the dhcp default connection. I can manually select my static connection again, but I would like networkmanager to automatically select the static configuration. Can this be done?

I selected “automatically connect” in the connection wizard of knetworkmanager, but this doesn’t seem to work. And I don’t know how to edit or delete the default connection… Can’t find an option to do so.

open ‘Manage Connections’ from the networkmanager icon. Look for both connections. You will see ‘Add’ and ‘Edit’ on the right middle, ‘Delete’ is quite a bit below it. The DHCP using connection is probably configured to connect automatically as well.

But…is this a PC or a laptop? Is it ever to connect in an other way?
If it’s a PC or laptop with a fixed connection, I’d rather kick out the networkmanager and use ‘ifup’. That way the connection would be established during boot, rather then during start of the desktop.

The problem is, there is only one connection shown in networkmanager so I can’t delete it… I’m using a pc with wired connection.

I could change to ifup, but then it will be harder to setup vpn connections etc…