knetworkmanager hangs at 28%

I posted the below in the network/internet forum and think it should have gone here. Incidentally someone suggested that I use Ifup instead (I have done this) and then install and run KInternet (I havent done this)!

"Last night I downloaded and installed Novell Desktop Linux. All went mostly well, and it installed in about an hour on my old IBM T22 laptop, robust little thing and I am pleased. I installed KDE and the software runs fast. Now an issue which I have googled and trolled through these formus has me stumped.

My wireless network card a Belkin F5d6020 is detected by suse, excellent, way better than Ubuntu, so great! However, when I click on it to connect to my DLINK router, it thinks for a while then hangs at 28%. I have to hold down the power button to restart!

So I cannot connect to the internet (unless of course I plug in a cable).

Now I have found loads of internet pages describing this problem from as far back as 2006 as being a bug etc, and here I am in September 2008 with EXACTLY the same issue. Come on Suse, surely there is a fix for this by now, I cannot find one anywhere. I even disabled knetworkmanager and used manual set up, but still cannot connect.

Kind help appreciated"