Knetworkmanager forgets about my NICs

Hi all,
I am new to openSuSe using Linux for the first time. I have very high expectations of Linux. Please help me resolve my problem.

The problem is all of a sudden I am unable to access Internet. When I installed OpenSuse 10.3 it detected my 2 NICs (RealTek RTL8169/8110 Family GbE) and for many days I could run flawlessly. One day I cam across a post advising steps to disable IPv6 and I mad appropriate entries in /etc/modprobe.conf and /etc/modprobe.conf.local. Internet still ran flawlessly after making these changes and reboot.

Today, I was trying to run audio CD using amarok, only to find suddenly my sound configuration gone and even internet stopped working.

Pls note that the NICs work flawlessly on Windows XP SP2 till date.

Pls advise how do I solve this problem.

I am desperate to use Linux and your help is greatly needed.

I hope you did not just notice it did not work, but tried to get some information. You may share this with us! Like: what does YaST > Network device > network cards show you? What is the output of ifconfig?

Hi all,

I have got a workaround to this problem. I delete all the NIC entries in YAST and then again add them. Voila I get my net connection back. Similar is with my sound card.

But puzzled why do I lose my configuration settings of sound and LAN so often ? My computer is the latest hardware I have and windows XP does not forget the settings.