KNetworkManager Failed


I’ve been running openSuse 11.1 64-bit on my Acer 5536 at home for a few days now without problems. However, I switched on this morning and KNetworkManager has stopped working. I can see my home wireless network but cannot connect. I am not aware of making any system changes over the last couple of days.

What info do I need to post for help? I’m at work just now, so it will be later on when I can do this.

Alternatively, I would be grateful for any suggestions as to resolving this.

What actually happens? what kind of error messages do u get…

There are no error messages, unless they are written to a log. I don’t know enough about the system to check this. Can you give me any pointers?

I am no expert but try printing the contents of /var/log/NetworkManager and post it here if i cant help you maybee someone else can.

also what kind of security are u using? (wep, wpa2,wpa, …)


Afraid I’ve trashed the system (trying to change the boot order of Vista!!!). I’ve had to re-install Vista as I need a couple of Windows programmes.

I’ll wait until 11.2 comes out and re-set up for dual boot. Thanks anyway.