knetworkmanager don't autostart

Hi to everybody,
I’m a new user of openSuSE 11.1,KDE 4.1, on a DELL xps 1330 laptop, intel proWireless wireless board.
I use network manager for my internet connection, but when I start my system knetworkmanager do not start by itself and I have to start it from a consolle. How can I make it autostart?

systemsettings → advanced → autostart → add programm (add the knetworkmanager)

where the heck is “systemsettings?” I have no such entry in kickoff. I have system —> adminstrator mode but no “advanced”

BTW, I have just done a fresh install of 11.1 and have no wireless. Worked fine under 11.0 with KDE4.2.

yeah administrator, I don’t know how it is called in english, I have the german version

It sounds like a different program. There are a few optional programs. The “knetworkmanager” that is loaded by default in 11.1 KDE4 LiveCD is not a KDE4 program. It seems to be a KDE3 program but with some KDE4 libraries used. I do not think there is an easy way to make it auto-start. I have had to use “Connect & Save” each time.

I have no idea what the future of this particular program is going to be. I expect that the OpenSuSE guys are waiting for the KDE4 team to get the KDE4 version of “knetworkmanager” working and will probably switch over to it. As such, it would surprise me if they will be willing to do more than minor debugging on the current program. If you post a request in Bugzilla for anything more than that, well, you can ask, but I doubt if you will see anything happen. Right now, you can connnect and it does not crash, so I am not really expecting much more will be done.

Just a pointer, there is a folder in /home/yourusername/.kde/ called “Autostart” it is also available in kde4. If you drag a link to the program you want to autostart,into this folder,it will start when Kde starts.Note the “.” in front of kde,it denotes a hidden file,so, if you go to your /home folder, select view - show hidden files, you will find it. Another way to do this,is, go to YaST - System - /etc/sysconfig Editor & add it there


Knetworkmanager will not start automatically – still too buggy. (at least for me it won’t)

If you want to try there are two places:

configure desktop -----> advanced ------>autostart

check the box for knetworkmanager. It won’t work for me and I have the same setup as you except mine is a laptop.

in that same menu there should be an icon for “network.” click on that and make sure the “start automatically” button is checked. Again, it does not work for me, but it may just be my system.