KNetworkManager Autoconnect

i have a wireless network which i can connect to using KNetworkManager. However i have checked the box for ‘autoconnect’ but when i boot it does not autoconnect. i have to tell it to connect a few times before it actually connects. am i right in thinking that autoconnect connects at boot? is there something im missing that it stopping it connect at boot? or is it just really slow and i just think its me that connects it? when i have turned on my computer and booted into linux and left it sometimes it connects to the network but the majority of times it does not and i have to tell it to connect.

thanks in advance

Hmm… Interesting. Are you using KDE 4.x?
I have the same problem with my cable networking. My device was activated at the boot time, but I haven’t autoconnected. Finally, I’m deleted all connection profiles, and now it autoconnects with first DHCP. If you have just one wireless network, try this out.