Knetworkmanager and mobile internet

I have installed the new 11.2 on my laptop.
Now I want to use a Huawei E160 surfstick to access the internet. The Knetworkmanager under KDE4 detects the stick correctly and when I log in as root I can access the internet without problems.
Only if I’m logged in as normal user the routing is not written into the /etc/resolv.conf file.
I think I need to include the normal users to a special group to use the mobile web with the Knetworkmanager. But I don’t know exactly which group.
Has anybody an idea how to solve this problem, because I don’t want to use my system always as root.



I just wanted to bring my post back to the first page of this forum since I still have the same problem. I reinstalled Suse 11.2 and still for root everything works but for me as normal user the connection is set but nothing appeares in the /etc/resolv.conf file and also in the Knetworkmanager the connection is not displayed as default (a small heart next to the icon)

I’ve no help… but am running into the same problem with my verizon USB stick…

OK - I’m halfway there…

Configure Netconfig for Modem Use | Novell User Communities

Now the nameservers are coming into /etc/resolv.conf

all I need to do now is determine how to get the default route to stick correctly…