Knetwork config cannot get DHCP, must manually configure

I have repeatedly run into this problem. I use a lot of public WIFI locations.

I found that by using knetwork managager I am unable to get DHCP from many access points.

I can only manually configure the interface either through yast or modifying the /etc/sysconfig/… files.

Any suggestions?

Suse 11.1


You can configure your IP address with YaST, but in this case you need to switch from KNetworkManager to ifup contorolled method in Network Devices > Network Settings. To modify the IP address select your card and hit edit.

That is what I have been doing. Is that the only workaround? Does anyone know the explaination as to why this is happening?

same here using KDE 4.2 from factory and knetworkmanager (KDE3). I use knetworkmanager for sync with AP (and WEP/WPA configuration) and then “dhcpcd wlan0” from console. With wired networks no problem.

So I guess no one knows :frowning: