KMyMoney - OFX import missing

I have the latest packages for kmymoney and kmm_ofximport installed on my system, but the ‘file->import->ofx’ menu item is not showing up as the kMyMoney manual leads me to believe it should.

I do have the menu to ‘map to online account’ when right clicking an account, but it is not enabled for some reason.

The plugin (KMyMoney OFX) is in the plugins list under the configure menu, so I’m kind of stumped. I would guess it’s something silly, but I sure can’t find it.

Anyone have this working or any other experience with this?


I am in the same situation; have you tried KMyMoney • KDE Community Forums ?

Thanks for the idea. I didn’t even know about that forum. I posted over there as well. When through past posts and didn’t find anything, but there is a lot of good information there.

The kmm_ofximport package in the packman repo is for KMyMoney4 (v3.95 beta for KDE4). If you install it when you have KMyMoney installed, it will show up in the plugins list, but not do anything. When I added kmymoney4 and removed kmymoney (forced by conflict), KMyMoney4 worked and had the OFX import working.

Seems like there should have been package dependencies that prevented me from installing a 3.95 version plugin while the 1.0.2 package was installed, but I don’t claim to know all the rules behind the package dependencies.

same problem but after installing kmymoney-devel and kmymone-sqlite3-plugin everything is working ok.