Kmymoney: go on, I dare you, give me a clue....

… where is it installed?

And how do I get a pointer to it into my Application Launcher?

OK, I got the last part figured out ( for when I find the application!)

You don’t need to know where it is installed (actually /opt/kde3/bin/) - just enter kmymoney in the command line and it will start up. Once you have saved a file to your /home partition, it will start whenever you click on that file.

It is under Office menu. kmenu>application>office>kmymoney

'Fraid not - not until I found it via the command line tecnique referred to earlier in this thread. Then it appeared under the ‘recently used’ category. I was able to add it to favorites and then it also appeared under Office. Quite distinctly not intuitive.

Sounds like you stumbled on an infrequent bug in the installation procedure.