KMyMoney Does not function properly since openSUSE KDE upgrade to 13.1

I have KMyMoney Version 4.6.3, Using KDE Development Platform 4.11.2, installed, and since upgrading openSUSE KDE from 12.3 to 13.1, it is not functioning properly … example, I can’t get ‘split transactions’ done, it will take the first entry, but when you try further entries, it won’t let me type the category without it bouncing out and putting an error message “You need to assign a category to this split before it can be entered.” … I even tried the “update unconditionally” to reinstall KMyMoney 4.63, but that did not help the problem. I went to the KMyMoney web site and see they have a newer version out (though since my current version works with openSUSE 12.3. so it may be something has changed in the openSUSE upgrade that makes KMyMoney not functioning properly), and they do have a newer version out (4.64) … I downloaded the tar.xy archive for that, extract it, but I do not seem to be able to compile it without getting errors:

  ERROR: cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake not found in
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMakeLists.txt:53 (FIND_PACKAGE)

Of course, even if I got the newer version (4.64) installed, I don’t know if even it will work since it APPEARS openSUSE has changed something – I mean, this is financial software which is used frequently, and the question is begged, when will openSUSE finally bring out there on fine-tuned update to work with their upgrade?

You can get KMyMoney 4.6.4 from the KDE:Extra repo: Install package KDE:Extra / kmymoney

That repo also contains updated versions of other KDE applications.

Thank you AGAIN wolf, so very much – this is TWICE you’ve assisted me since the openSUSE KDE upgrade to 13.1 :good:

I downloaded and installed KMyMoney 4.6.4 and checked to see if the problems I mentioned still existed, and bravo, they do not, and those issues appear to be operating properly.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Great that it works! :slight_smile:

You could describe your issues in an openSUSE bug report and mention that 4.6.4 fixes those.
Then maybe KMyMoney could be released as official online update, and other users would benefit as well. (same username/password as here)

Great idea! Thus, it has been done. :slight_smile: