Kmix unresponsive

recently kmix has become unresponsive when a multimedia application is in use (smplayer, kaffeine).
I am unable to adjust the volume for approximately thirty seconds to one minute while watching a video - using either my laptop volume buttons or using the speaker icon in the system tray. After the lengthy delay kmix becomes usable but then freezes again if the multimedia application is restarted.
Checking system monitor kmix is using about 50% of CPU while in the frozen state.
Any idea on how to correct or what to investigate?


Are you using kde as shipped + normal updates (11.4?)

Did you test a new user login?

Yes, standard KDE 64 on Opensuse 11.4 with regular updates from Opensuse update repo.

Googling I have found a number of people with the same issue and they resolved the problem by deleting their kmix personal settings.
I tried this by deleting the folder ~/.kde4/share/apps/kmix
and it has fixed my problem right up.

However, clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray and opening up mixer I now have a blank window. Selecting “configure channels” absolutely nothing happens.
I’m not sure if I should be concerned as it is working well now but will I have problems down the track?

I would probably delete everything related to kmix in .kde4, in the config section as well as the apps section

that did the trick.

What can I say… :smiley:


Thanks for another good fix. I had the same Kmix problem with 11.4 64bit and KDE 4.6. An update during the last few days broke it. Quit kmix, deleted all the files in ~/.kde4/share/apps/kmix/profiles/ & 2 files in ~/.kde4/share/config/. Restarted kmix and all OK. Looks like an incompatibility with the old config files.

By the way, I discovered that the latest version of Windows Media Player won’t play .mp4 or .flv without a lot of help (and some $'s!). I discovered the kmix problem when my nephew reported that the files I sent him would not play (I could play them but couldn’t hear anything because kmix was broke and muted). I have now installed VLC on his Win7 laptop and all is well. I think he may now be ready to make the change to Linux.

WMP … please it’s simply not worth using.
VLC is a great solution on windows

I can inform you that I have had an audio issue with .mp4 files recently in SUSE 11.4, files downloaded with get_iplayer and are converted with ffmpeg. No sound in smplayer.
It’s rather complicated, so I’ll not go in to it. Except to say, it was not related to kmix, but packman libraries related to ffmpeg.

In the end I rolled back my entire packman stuff to older versions. I have a backup of packman from an earlier time.