KMix times out - fresh 12.3 install


I just installed 12.3 64bit, and for the most part it was perfect (or as much as I can tell). I tried to open KMix to shift over to my sound card, but when I click the icon in the application launcher, KMix icon bounces along for quite some time and then dies (launch failed). Is this a known problem or something to do with my system?? I just shifted over from 12.1 64bit, and I had no problems with KMix.

Suggestions please. I am running on the motherboard sound, which is not a big problem, but I would like to get this going…

Regards – Roger

Normally KMix is started automatically when you login.
That could be the reason why nothing happens if you try to start it: it is already running…

Please have a look in the system tray (bottom-right of the screen) for a loadspeaker symbol and click on it.

Thanks, that was it all right. This system is getting smarter than me…

Regards – Roger