Kmix not always starting at boot in Leap 42.1

Has anyone else experienced this?
It’s random. And these random things are difficult to pinpoint
But kmix is always running at shutdown, but doesn’t always get loaded at
Yes. My system is set to restore previous session

Yes, same here on Plasma5/Leap and Tumbleweed, but on the latter I think a recent update may have fixed it. I have the competing volume applet disabled in system tray settings on both. I don’t check Leap so often, waiting for it to become a stable product.

Ah… ok thanks

So today there are two mix icons

And now I also notice](

Now I see
Audio Volume and Volume Control

Audio Volume being a basic control. But at least it adheres to the kde theme

Now on Tumbleweed, I see only Audio Volume (unselected - my choice) in System Tray Settings. In the system tray I see a conventional speaker icon for KMix (preferred, running flat volumes=no).

Originally with an intermittently problematic system tray, I saw the two entries in Settings as you have shown.