KMix in KDE4 not saving laptop key shortcuts.

Hey everyone. I’m running KDE4 with OpenSUSE on a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop and I’m pretty impressed with it; on the first boot everything worked except the broadcom wireless, and all I needed to do with that was download and install the firmware. I’ve never had a Linux distro handle this laptop so well.

Anyway, all of the function keys seem to work, including the brightness and wireless keys. The only thing that didn’t was my volume keys si I went ahead and set them up in the KDE control center under the keyboard settings module. From there I went to the Kmix option in the drop down and set each respective key for volume up, down, and mute.

Whenever I do this, they work just as they should - the only issue is that everytime I restart the computer I have to set them again.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to fix this?

Some problem here!

I am using KDE 4 Beta 2. It worked without this problem with 4.04. Anybody else facing this issue?

I gave it another try. KDE4 Beta 2 seems to loose all set Shortcuts after reboot. Is this an allready known bug?