kmenuedit in opensuse 11 / kde 4.1


I must say I’m not thrilled with all aspects of KDE 4. In particular: the fact that the desktop doesn’t behave like I’m used to, both in KDE and all other OSes (e.g., you can drag and drop files from a to it), and the panel is very hard to configure. I even installed 4.1 beta 2, and it’s not nirvana.

Having said that, a specific question / gripe I have is about the KDE menu editor, kmenuedit. Actually I have never liked the menu editor in the history ofKDE. I’m running on an x86-64 machine, KDE 4.0.85, kmenuedit 0.8.

So, you edit the Kde start menu, and you get a list of what looks like all possible entries that you could have, not what is actually on your specific menu. Then it seems changes don’t get saved, they take effect after logging out and in - it’s just a poor program. Of course, it would also be nice to be able to drag-and-drop or delete items from the menu directly, meaning without having to start a separate app. Or at least right-click on menu items and then operate on them. Windows has had this for years.

OK, this is a vague rant and probably more appropriate to the KDE people than opensuse, but I thought I’d speak bitterness.