Kmenuedit has no effect on application launcher in Leap 15.4

Dear Community,

I installed openSuse leap 15.4 on a Lenovo V15-IAP G3 15 i5-12 (but also on other systems) and wanted to customize the list of programs in the application launcher using the “kmenedit” program.

I can edit the list and save it to

However, it has no effect on the appearance of programs in the application launcher - neither when presented as list nor as grid.

I used “kbuildsycoca5” to update the list. It executed without errors, but it had no effect on the application launcher.

I never experienced this problem in any other version of openSuse (since 12.1).

Does anybody know the reason for that - and how to fix it?

Many thanks, agh63

Try /home/karl/.local/share/kxmlgui5/kmenuedit instead.

Dear Karl,

thanks for your reply.

The directory /.local/share/kxmlgui5/kmenuedit exists - but it is empty. Shall I copy the file there?

…I copied the file to the directory you suggested - but no effect: in the list, the programs are always listed in alphabetical order, although I unchecked that option in the settings for application launcher.


The problem was that the default launcher is “Kickoff launcher”, which does not respond to settings made for application launcher.
I have now changed to application launcher, and now everything is fine!