KMenu icon in KDE4


I hope this has not yet been posted and i ask it again …
I’d love to change to KDE4 but using openSuSE 10.3 for what seems ages I grew used to colorchanging chameleon as icon for the K-Menu (Kickoff) in KDE 3. Is there any way to preserve this in KDE4?

best regards, Marco

I don’t think it will be possible, unless maybe you will still be using kde 3.x.

Maybe you can use the icon but will not change the color by saving it as a png and re-use it for the kde 4.x replacing the oenSUSE 11.2 default. I always use a customize icon in kde 4.

my main problem is the size of the icon. The old one is about twice as wide as high, while the new icons seem to have the same hight as width. Is there any chance to change the icons size?

Hey, this is open source, so for sure it can be done. But you may have to dive realy deep into matters.

In a way I don’t understand it. IMHO there’s more serious matters than the kMenu icon. But I could imagine there’s a way to create a plasma-theme that does or fakes the job.

You can change the icon size and proportion using gimp or inkscape. I will post a screenshot in the January screenshot thread thread and you will see a customized menu on my desktop.