kmail2 - POP3 filter/Address select

I have been running a kludge for a short while, having updated akonadi
(without thinking!) but not kmail (OS 11.4/KDE 4.7.2), and finally
decided to complete the update (using the helpful info here on
overcoming problems - thanks to you all :slight_smile: )

I have a couple of items to still resolve, though:

In kmail, the “select” drop-down for “To:” gave recent addresses (but
not the address book for some reason); kmail2 only gives the address
book entries - any suggestions how to include recent addresses as well,
preferably at the top of the list? I do have access via auto-complete,
so it’s not a “killer” - assuming I can get the right combination of
characters to get the entry to display!

kmail provided a simple POP3 size filter, where a dialogue box appeared
for messages greater than a specified size (set on the “general” tab for
each POP3 account) which provided a “download”/“do nothing”/“delete”
selection. This seems to have disappeared in kmail2. If this has been
“withdrawn”, I may have to go back to Pegasus Mail/Wine combination as I
didn’t find any reference to such a facility in other e-mail clients
when looking to remove “MS Windows dependencies” - though I would have
preferred a facility similar to the full POP3 filtering of Pegasus Mail.

I have one “oddity”, the accounts lists in settings are different
formats for receiving and sending - sending being the much neater kmail
layout. Is this standard or a function of the sending set converting
automatically whereas the receiving set needed “pulling in”?

TIA for any advice/help.


MSI m/b 870-C45, AMD Athlon II X3 445, 4GB, openSUSE 11.4/11.3 x86_64
dual boot + XP Home in VBox
Asus m/b M2NPV-VM, AMD 64X2 3800+, 2GB, openSUSE 11.3 x86_64/XP Home
dual boot
Acer Aspire 1350, AMD (M)XP2400+, 768MB, openSUSE 11.4/XP Home dual boot
Asus eeePC 4G (701), Celeron M353, 2GB, openSUSE 11.3 on SSD