I need help with my K mail I set everything up correctly but it does not send nor recieve email to my kmail. I however did recieve my email to my windows base email through charter internet but not through K mail can Someone help me please so I can sleep I did set it pop3 and smtp

Open the kmail program, and click settings, then configure kmail.
On identities add an identity, and fill out the first screen.
On accounts, add a new account. The window pops up with the account type. Select POP3.
On the next screen, fill out account name (what appears in kmail), the incoming mail server, such as Select the port number. Add your login information.
The port number is typically supplied by the mail server.

Repeat the same after selecting the sending flag.

If this doesn’t work, please post more detailed issues.

I have done all those things numerous times. When I send a test email to Kmail through Kmail It sends it to my in my other operating system. In fact I recieve all opensus through vista and not my kmail