kmail - total column is huge and can't be made smaller

I recently upgraded from a good working openSUSE 42.2 with a good working kmail to openSUSE Leap 15 with kmail 18.04.3,
however it don’t know know this issue was present in that version or not, I just noted it today.

The Total column in kmail is just huge. I’m referring to the folder list, that is often located at the left side of kmail, just under favorite box:

In my case I’ve the following columns:

**Name**   | **Unread** | **Total**                                                                                  |
inbox  |      2 |                                                                                     100
outbox |        |                                                                                    1000


When trying to make the total column smaller it is just not possible :frowning:
The total column can be moved, for example drag it left from the unread column, but then the unread column is no longer visible as well, and the total column can’t still be made smaller. The total column can be hidden as well, that’s working.

Does anybody encounter this too? Looks like a bug…

It is possible here, but only by dragging the total colum smaller from the right side of the column, did you try that? It took a bit of dragging on all three colums to get it right. Must say I wasn’t even aware of the feature :slight_smile:

I tried that, but the total column does not become smaller.

Is this (the huge total column) a bug, to whom should it be reported; kde, openSUSE?