kmail thinks attachment is encrypted

I’m using kmail (not kontact) on KDE4.3 from the Factory repo.

If an email has an attachment, and I want to save it (either click it or right-click > save) kmail pops up two questions (text from memory):

The part <whatever> is encrypted, do you want to keep the encryption?
The part <whatever> has a signature, do you want to keep it?

If I click Yes to either of these questions, kmail crashes, if I click No to both, kmail saves a zero byte file.

What’s odd is that the attachment is not encrypted (I sent some to myself from another account). If I choose to open the attachment (eg open a .rar file with Ark) from inside kmail the attachment is opened just fine.

I’ve searched around, but can’t find much to go on.

I have 3 identities, each with 1 account each. The same happens on all accounts/identities.

One of those identities (the default one) had encryption enabled (I have a pgp/gpg key). I have now removed the encryption keys from it (and rebooted as well) but the problem persists. I’d like to use my gpg key as I know a few people who send me signed emails.

Any help would be appreciated cos it is driving me mad :frowning:

Something for

Good idea.

It’s here:

I am full of good ideas :wink: , but you did the work. I hope it helps, but mostly the reactions on such a bug are coming rather soon.

How do you mean?

I mean that most of the time an answer or reaction to your bug will appear within a reasonable amount of time. This being my experience when I filed a bug there.