kmail+spamassassin => almost all are spam or all are ham !

opensuse 42.3

case kmail + spamassassin filters (installed by kmail assistant)

all messages are ham

case kmail + spamc/spamd filters (installed by kmail assistant)

almost all messages are spam

another phenomenon : some message does not contents any spam report

if someone has any solution ?

i had no problem with pop3 account with 42.2.
when i updated to 42.3 i choose to use an imap account.

i assume this : kmail filters with imap account do not run well.

i deleted all kmail filters created by kmail anti-spam assistant installer then reinstalled with same assistant spamssassin filters
no more problem !

this time i assume filter editor which writes statements somewhere in a text (?) file is a bit buggy.

Did you carefully remove all the data collected by SpamAssassin before reconfiguring KMail to use the spamc/spamd components of SpamAssassin?
[HR][/HR]Reading your post has made me very happy that, I use (self-learning) “Bogofilter” for Spam detection.

i did not remove data collected by spamassassin

to be complete

i recreated filters
in /etc/syconfig/spamd in statement

SPAMD_ARGS="-d -c" -L

i remove “-L” then restart spamd

see explanation here

to be honest i use spamassassin since many many years (since i use Mandrake !) with satisfaction. spamassassin is efficient.

to be critical i would say spamassassin is dedicated to pro for a server usage not to current user with his pc because knowledge ramp to use it is very steep thus a good settings is hard to understand .

if you add that kmail assistant makes some errors then it is very hard.

i forget to say that kmail assistant creates a spam management filter which is not good :
filter condition is “X-Spam-Flag = yes” it must be (with spamassassin 3.4.1) “X-Spam-Flag = YES”

Then, a Bug Report is needed against KDE KMail2: <;.
You’ll need the KMail2 version:

 > kmail --version
kmail2 5.5.2

(Which is different to the RPM package version: 17.04.2-3.1.)

Then, a Bug Report is needed against KDE KMail2

i am fed up of reporting regression bug.

You’ll need the KMail2 version: 5.5.2

it’s easier to change “yes” by “YES”. no ?

KDE Bug Report number 389908 has been submitted. <389908 – Spam Filter: X-Spam-Flag - SpamAssassin 3.4.1 - value must be upper case;
[HR][/HR]Yes, at least in the initial phases, it’s easier to change the value in ‘~/.config/akonadi_mailfilter_agentrc’ to “YES”.

The repair related to this issue will be released with kdepim-addons version 17.12.3.