Kmail, sending incoming mail to trash

Hi :wink:
i have last kmail and kde 4.2
how come it’s sending incoming email to trash, directly ?
i had spamassassin working ok
i only did some # zypper up

i erased /kde4/share/apps/kmail
and now spanassasin icons are grey, and the spamd (daemon) in yast is desactived but i tried after that and my mail keeps being trashed … :shame:

What’s going on ?

Thanks :wink:

Just delete the hidden kmail folder and start again.

You haven’t got a filter running have you???

i did erase the hidden file before posting here, it does not change anything :frowning:

i’m not supposed to have any filter on, how can i check this ?

i had spam assassin on and it did work ok before some updates (#zypper up)
i did not change anything special in kmail

Filters are in Settings > Configure Filters.

Also check Settings > Configure Kmail > Accounts > Modify > Advanced > destination folder should = inbox or similar

Happened to me as well. Don’t know what happened during one of the updates and why, but I fixed it by

  1. Install spamassassin (I swear I had it installed before, no idea why it was uninstalled)
  2. Run the spam wizard and select the spamassassin

That’s it. Everything’s working well now.

Hi guys,
in message #5 above : i checked and this is ok
in #6 : zypper tells me spam assassin is already installed and thus i can’t install nor upgrade it :frowning: