KMail seg faults and crashes


Please setup a test user, login to that user and, configure KWallet, Kontact and KMail – we need to determine if it’s a system problem or, a user problem.
[HR][/HR]Please be prepared for the following worst case scenario.

It could well be that, either the Kontact/KMail/Akonadi configuration or, the Akonadi database, is badly corrupted.

  • If you haven’t been archiving your e-Mails then, a considerable portion of them can be recovered from KMail’s ‘~/.local/share/’ directories but, it may well be that a handful are “stuck” in the Akonadi database – need to use SQL to extract those e-Mails from the database before setting up a completely new Kontact/KMail/Akonadi environment.
  • KMail stores the passwords needed to access the mail server(s) in KWallet – you may have to export your current Wallet, delete the Wallet(s) located in ‘~/.local/share/kwalletd/’ and create new, fresh, Wallets.

Have you considered using mutt? It is a great email client, but some hands on set up is required.

If in fact this is a kmail problem, I understand where you are coming from, but I have a lot of mail that I don’t want to lose. And, as was pointed out, it might be kwallet or akonadi that is the problem, so I need to slog through.

To those following this, I have had (non-kmail/computer) things go kaboom followed up with COVAD-19. Sorry.


IIRC, you only have POP accounts. This means that all mail is located in ~/.local/share/local-mail, showing up in Kmail in “Local Folders”. What you can do is:

  • close any Kmail instance ( Kmail as standalone app, Kontact )
  • move away all akonadi entries in ~/.config
  • move away all akonadi entries in ~/.local/share
  • make a backup copy of ~/.local/share/local-mail

Then start Kmail, readd the account. It autostarts akonadi, and one of the first things it should do, is to reindex your Local Folders.

At last, I’ve had some time!!! (talk about crazy times…) I set up a test user, kwallet, kmail, kontact and I can send and receive e-mail from that test account without problem. Normally, error messages are few and far between because kmail crashes and clears the screen, but one time the system must have been busy, because the error “Invalid parent collection” stayed on the screen long enough for me to read it. So, my guess now is that the problem is something in my account, can you please give me step by step on what I should do to resolve this problem? (if it matters I have my emails stored via imap so that each email is a separate file, and if a message gets corrupted (or whatever), I don’t lose the entire mailbox.)

Many, many thanks,


If you’re absolutely sure that, all your e-Mails are still on the IMAP server then:

  1. With the new user, connect to the IMAP server and, archive all your e-Mails.
  2. With your original user, try to archive all your Kalendar entries/ToDo’s and Akregator News and Journal entries and Notices.
  3. With the original user, delete everything in the ~/.local/share/ Akonadi directories and Local Mail directories and, everything related to Akonadi and Kontact and KMail and Kalendar and Akregator in ~/.config/ and, everything in ~/.cache/.
  4. Log out and then login again.
  5. Setup Kontact again.
  6. Import all the e-Mails archived in step (1.) if they haven’t been pulled from the IMAP server.
  7. Import all your Kalendar entries, ToDo’s, News, Journals and Notes.

This is probably the same crash as in Kmail crashes on start .

Try to delete the file /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/messageviewer/bodypartformatter/, and kmail will hopefully start (and work) again.

sudo rm /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/messageviewer/bodypartformatter/

The solution above worked for me. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

I know having a discovered bug list with either “solution pending” or discovered solutions for differing scenarios is too much to hope for, but one can hope. BTW, this is a simple use for a database.

Again, thank you,


You’re welcome. And sorry that I was a bit late to help…

Btw, an update to fix the crash has been released a couple of days ago. :wink: