kmail: remove email-adress from list in"nieuw>selecteren>geaddresseerde selecteren"???

From time to time I need to clean up the list of e-mail addresses from which to select an address for a new mail. Right-clicking an address in the list opens a pop-up menue, but without an entry to remove the (faulty) e-mail address.
K-mail-help gives no answer.
Using “grep” and “find” are unable to locate the file (after which Iwould edit it and clean it up).
I guess it should be in my home folder in a kde sub-sub menue, somewhere where the in/out-busses are. But no. This makes me apply to the forum for help.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello kalsukal and welcome to the community!:slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure I know which list you mean.
Is it the one that’s shown when you start a new message and press the “Select…” button?

The remove the addresses that have been used recently simple open the file ~/.kde4/share/config/kmailrc.
In this file search for Recent Addresses and remove the “faulty” e-mail addresses.

Good luck!:wink:

Thank You for this tip
I just picked up the subject again and found the list at the given location. I still have to fiddle around a bit with permissions to get write-access but am sure to succeed. By the way, I do’nt have an excuse not to have reacted earlier other than these are my first steps on the forum and that it is not yet “in my personal Path”.
Anyway, thanks for the welcome and help.