kmail: recipients completion

kmail 4.8.3 When writing a new message, I start typing the address and the only suggestions I receive are from recent addresses, not from the contacts. In “Configure kmail -> Composer -> Configure completion order” everything seems to be in place. So, the problem should not be there. Does anybody know how to enable suggestions from contacts?

There was a long, long discussion about this in the KDE-PIM mailing list (

I did not follow the whole story (a lot of mails), but I found that at least a bug report was made:
You may look there to see if there is any improvement in this subject.

I didn’t know that bug report.
Anyway, it seems that after some years the bug is still there. I’ll keep waiting.
Thanks for your help, anyway.
If anybody else has another suggestion, he’ll be very welcome.

I do have the completion function in order. But I remember I had some issues with contacts and KMail/Kontact after KMail2 were introduced. I then did the migration path with both mails and contacts, keeping the old structure. I have later reinstalled and set the whole KDE-PIM up from scratch, importing mails and contacts from a backup. And it now seems fine.

I don’t know if this was relevant but if you have an old address book you might have luck with creating a new one, importing your contacts to it and see how it goes.

By the way, are the contact list available for KMail at all?