Kmail question....

I"m sorry to have to ask but I cant find it on the manual page. In Kmail I click “Settings” then “Configure Kmail” and choose “Appearance”. Under the “General Tab” there is a setting to “Enable Access Key” I’m really not sure what that does for me ? Seems to work find both check or unchecked. The General tab is missing from the documentation… Other than me being confused it seems to work great! Anybody enlighten me ?

Thank You !


The online KDE documentation is here: <>.
The online KMail documentation is here: <>.

The online documentation for the “Appearance” section and, the “General” tab is here: <>.
The explanation of “Enable access key” is here: <>.

By default, Enable access key is enabled. Access keys allow you to use the keyboard keys for functions which would perhaps normally be done with the mouse, such as following links. For more information on access keys please see Access keys.

Strange, my KMail Help is showing the explanation of the Access keys setting but, it’s in German – there may be a KDE packaging translation issue here …

Thank You… Somehow I missed that… I appreciate your response