Kmail Problems

I am using Kmail 4.7.2 on Suse 11.4

I have two major issues with Kmail.

Firstly many messages have no body text, just the headers. They are normal with all text on the server.

Secondly, I appear to have two accounts. the one I created to connect to my ISP mail server and one that was created for me called Local Folders. Trying to edit Local Folders just gives a box with a “select folder” option pointing to .local/share/local-mail. On retrieval, there is often a pop-up saying something like “duplicate mail, choose left or right or both”. Deleting the Local Folders does nothing as it is recreated.

Any help welcomed.

John F

Check the ML
There have been some problems in Factory [opensuse-kde] Trouble with last factory updates in KDF](
I have 4.7.2 but from R47
But I don’t use kmail

This problem has been around for some time. I suspect it is more to do with akonadi. The missing text bodies turn up after a reboot.