Kmail, Konversation don't close to system tray


I am pretty new to suse and kde but i am pretty impressed so far. All configurations so far went pretty well, my time with fedora came in very handy.:wink:

But some minorre problmes keep bugging me.

I would like kmail and konverstaion close too the system tray. But they won’t and i can’t find any dialouge suggesting for this option.

it is not a serious problem but i would greatly improve the usability of my brand new kde 4.2 desktop.

so thanks in advance

yours don

Hey Don,

In Kmail go to settings>configure Kmail then click on the Appearances setting then click the System Tray tab.

There you can then check the Enable System Tray Icon and then tell it to either Always show the system tray icon or Only show it if there are unread messages.

Hope this helps!