Kmail Issues?

Hello all,

I am relatively new to the OpenSuse world, but am really liking it.

I basically have one quirk I have yet to fix:

I have a home-hosted imap email server, and i can login with all of my credentials fine, my account shows that its connected and syncing in the “Accounts” section of “Configure Kmail”

But it doesn’t show up at the Kmail “homescreen”, it just shows local folders? I can’t seem to get my personal email to show up?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Welcome here (I see this is your fisrst post), but please notice the following:

From your post it seems that you are running KDE (though you never realy state this), but the version of KDE you use is dearly missing. Several people use newer KDE version then the default one that comes with an openSUSE version.

And while we are at it, you also did not tell which version of openSUSE you are using.

Thuis it will be very difficult for people here to imagine what your situation is. Except when you believe them to be clairvoyant, but I can asure you that they are all normal human beings. The only positive thing about them is that they are volunteers here :wink:

Sorry 'bout that!

I’m using OpenSuse 12.1

KDE 4.7.2

BUT, it was an obvious choice all along. I had to check “enable server side subscriptions”, which seems like it should be enabled by default. But, all is well! Thank you for the fast response.

You are welcome. It is allways nice to find things yourself :slight_smile:

smc170 wrote:

> KDE 4.7.2
you might want to consider upgrading…
KDE-4.7.2 is nearly one year outdated, current is KDE-4.8.4.
Upgrading is easy and worth it in my eyes.