kmail has disappeared

I have been using kmail on opensuse (11.2) for about 3 months with few issues. I usually launch using alt+F2, type “kma” and it appears top of the list.

I have turned on my laptop today and kmail has simply disappeared. I have gone through the ghekko and the only mail client listed is thunderbird. It is not in the alt+F2 menu. If I type kmail in konsole I get the “if kmail is not a typo” speech. I’ve also tried using kontact (for the first time) to see if my mail appears there, but no joy.

Any ideas why/how this has happened? I will probably try and reinstall kmail, but I’d like to know what the problem is.

Hello nmcpherson,

Did you install/uninstall or update something recently?

Best of luck!:wink:

And did you check in YaST > Software > Software Manager if kmail is still installed or not?

And did you try “rpm -q kmail” which also tells you if it’s installed and the version? Or “which kmail” which tells you where its’ executable is?

Also, why do you have to use Alt+F2 to run that program if you are a frequent user of it?