Kmail freezes on reply with long thread quoted

Kmail freezes when I reply to a message from a long thread and fail to highlight only the most recent part. The draft message starts to open but freezes the entire program for long periods of time until the draft of the new message comes up. If I try to close the draft, I get the message that kmail is not responding. If I terminate and restart kmail, the draft message reappears and freezes the application again. How can I terminate the frozen draft and get out of this endless loop? Alternatively, why is kmail freezing with a relatively long, but not excessively long, threaded history?

Please confirm, if you highlight only a part (the most recent part) of the received mail and then, hit either “Reply” or “Reply all”, KMail behaves normally.

  • If, however, you Reply (or, Reply all) with the complete thread, KMail freezes.

I have absolutely no idea if, the KMail developers have built in a mechanism to avoid long e-Mail threads in Reply mails but, be that as it may, please submit a KDE Bug Report dealing with this issue.

That is exactly the behavior I’m seeing.