kmail filters in kde 4.4 do not see entries in address book

I just installed kde 4.4 and I noted that a filter I had built before does
not work as before.
The filter classified incoming mail into a “unknown” folder if the “From”
and “To” fields matched “is not in address book”.
Some messages go to the unknown folder that did not before.

Has anybody seen anything related to this?
I has a look a kde bugs but could not find this described.
The addresses are present in kaddressbook, it seems that kmail does not see


I recently discovered that I have exactly the same problem with Kmail 1.13.5’s address book under KDE 4.4.4 in openSUSE 11.3 final version. However in my case, I was able to find a corresponding bug report submitted after -G-'s original post on this forum.
If anybody else is interested in getting this bug fixed I encourage you to go to the following KDE Bug Tracking System hyperlink and vote and/or comment (you’ll need to be registered). I can’t see this bug getting much priority unless there is a significant popular vote.