KMail doesn't show "fancy" headers anymore

On KMail (KDE 4.3.5), I normally had the “Fancy” Message Header style (which I like), but I wanted to inspect all the headers for one particular email, so I clicked View - Headers - All Headers.

That was a mistake. I can’t get back to having KMail default to Fancy Message Headers - no matter what I select for an email, every new email shows up as “Standard Headers”.

I can’t find any options under Settings - Configure KMail that would control the default view.

Does anyone know how I can get back to defaulting Fancy Message Headers?


Maybe I wasn’t clear enough: that will (of course) switch the email I am viewing to Fancy, but EVERY new email I open goes back to standard view. I want the DEFAULT to go back to Fancy Headers.

At any rate, I figured out that this is a KMail bug: the configuration file gets messed up if you change the header view on a email. The way back is to either modify the kmail configuration file manually or add the “header” toolbar (which is really only a text button), open an email and then keep clicking on the header button until you get Fancy back. Then close and re-open KMail. I had to also restore my signature settings, since they were reverted back to the old setting.